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Piercing Aftercare | Ekleel Jewelry

Piercing Aftercare

Now that you've adorned yourself with your dream piercing, it's time to ensure it heals beautifully and remains healthy. Remember, your piercing is a reflection of your unique style and personality. By following our aftercare guidelines diligently, you can ensure that your new adornment heals easily and becomes a cherished part of your look.

Leave It In

Ensuring proper care for your fresh piercing is crucial. Therefore, refrain from removing the jewelry until the piercing has completely healed.

Saline Cleaning Ritual

Use sterile saline to the front and back of your piercing, leaving it on for about 5 minutes. Afterward, carefully wipe around the piercing using a tissue. If necessary, repeat this cleaning process to maintain optimal hygiene and promote a successful healing journey for your piercing.

Gentle Swabs Only

Opt for paper tissue or gauze swabs when cleaning your piercing. Avoid cotton as it can stick to the piercing and create a mess.

Keep It Dry

Maintain a dry environment for your piercing at all times! After showering or cleaning, ensure to thoroughly dry the area, as moisture can lead to irritation and promote bacterial growth. A clean tissue can be used to gently pat the piercing dry.

No Swimming Allowed

Swimming is strictly discouraged during the healing process! It's important to steer clear of swimming pools, lakes, and seawater while your piercing is still in the healing stage.

Clean Hands First

Prioritize hand hygiene before cleaning your piercing! Thoroughly wash your hands as they harbor numerous bacteria that can potentially cause complications.

Shower Safely

Showering with a new piercing is perfectly fine! Just remember to rinse it thoroughly afterward to eliminate any residue from hair products. You can use the water pressure to gently remove any buildup around the piercing.

Sleep Smart

Avoid sleeping on a healing piercing! Putting pressure on the piercing while sleeping can lead to prolonged swelling, potential misalignment during the healing process, or the development of irritating bumps.

Hands Off Healing

Hands off for a happy and healthy piercing! Avoid touching your piercing to prevent any potential damage or complications. Keep it free from unnecessary contact for the best healing outcome.

Mindful Movements

Exercise caution to prevent snagging your piercing on hair, clothes, or any objects. It's important to inform your hairdresser about your piercing to ensure extra care during your appointments.

No Fragrance Zone

Steer clear of perfumes and hair spray near your fresh piercing. These products can irritate, so it's best to avoid them during the healing process.


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